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THL Herbal Magic

THL Herbal Magic

Burn fat and support managing weight naturally.
Weight Loss and Management

Weight Loss and Management

Get immediate result. Works beyond your expectations.

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THL Herbal has a favorable effect on weight reduction and lipid profiles. It is a researched Ayurvedic herbal product that can be safely used with no side effects.

Oil Massage

THL Herbal – Loss

THL Herbal for Weight loss and Management.

1650/- INR

Skin Care

THL Herbal – Gain

THL Herbal for Weight gain and Management.

1750/- INR

Natural Relaxation

THL Herbal – Combo

THL Herbal for using in combo.

Coming Soon INR


THL Herbal is a premium nutrition brand in India which offers quality supplements to individuals involved in losing as well as gaining weight.


Supply protein and other essential nutrients for muscle growth


Ensures a robust and sustained calorie release in your body to fuel your muscles.


Stimulation of your immune system and metabolic rate.


Enriched vital vitamins and minerals that help in boosting the immunity.